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The Morley Gold Standards

We refer to our mission, vision and values as the Morley Gold Standards. At its heart, a commitment to servant leadership drives everything we do. It places the well-being of our people first, which leads to a Morley Family that goes the extra mile for each other and our clients.

Our Mission: We deliver extraordinary experiences.  

“I didn’t believe it until I experienced it.” 

This reaction to our work is common throughout our history … service so exceptional that, until people experience it for themselves, it seems too good to be true. This is what sets us apart as a company – to our clients, industry partners and communities – and as a workplace to our family of associates. We drive ourselves to be the best to ensure that everyone we work with feels immensely valued, cared for and happy. This is why we’re all here: to deliver extraordinary experiences.

Our Vision: To be unrivaled at amazing those we serve. 

Service is the heart of our business, and people are its soul. 

As digital technology becomes more human, maintaining a personal connection is essential to everything we do. We leverage technology in a way that enhances experiences, elevates personal interactions and thoroughly amazes those we serve … our associates, our clients and the communities where we live and work. It takes a rare set of skills and a passion for constant improvement to deliver unrivaled service in this way, which is why we invest in our people and inspire them to become the best versions of themselves. We are the human touch in an ever-increasing digital world. 

Our Values:

Family Comes First

Those we work with are family. We take care of each other and genuinely enjoy supporting each other and enriching each other’s lives.

Morley has always referred to itself as a family – not simply because our business has always been family-owned, but because of how sincerely people have supported one another throughout our history. We have always favored a caring, collaborative, empathetic character to our leadership style, truly nurturing one another and finding success in the strength of our unity. 

Do What’s Right 

People trust us to keep our word. We are open, honest, ethical and fair. 

Integrity is one of Morley’s foundational values. “Your word is your bond.” Earning a reputation that’s above reproach is worth more than any amount of money, and so we protect that reputation at all costs. Intentionally practicing integrity builds trust and guarantees that we honor our obligations to our Morley family, clients, partners and communities … everyone. 

Be Your Best Self 

High standards and constant improvement define our way of life. We set the bar high, believe nothing’s impossible and become more powerful when we empower others. 

Being excellent, being the best in the world at what we do, has always been integral to the way we define ourselves. We know that each of us brings something special to the table. Encouraging everyone to be the best versions of themselves enables us all to benefit from those unique gifts. By lifting each other up in an empathetic, trusting, empowered environment, we produce the highest quality service for our clients. This, in turn, translates into benefits for all our stakeholders. 

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