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We create award-winning environments that captivate your audience with memorable moments.

Engineering Extraordinary.


Engineering Extraordinary 

Impassioned Craftsmanship 

Transforming form and function into impactful stories that engage your visitors.  

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Innovative design that anticipates visitors’ functional needs while delivering aesthetics that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Our design team collaborates with client and external designers to create environments unique to each property. 


Museum-quality, permanent installations that blend craftsmanship with technological savvy. We’re experienced, award-winning artisans whose greatest passion is bringing inspired designs to life. 


Get assistance with complete event management services, or engage us to deliver individual key components that enable you to produce impactful experiences.  

Event Management Services 

Maximize asset utilization, while minimizing cost, with comprehensive exhibit strategy development that considers the unique needs of large, medium and small shows, and the collection of assets that best accommodates those needs.  

Exhibit Program


Get instant access to all your display properties’ availability, organize your show schedule and archive your data using the Morley Asset Planning Portal (MAPP).  

Inventory Management 

Our design team collaborates with client and external designers to create environments unique to each client. We believe that innovative design should anticipate visitors’ functional needs while delivering client messaging through transformative aesthetics. 


Fabricating one-of-a-kind designs is the hallmark of true artisans, and the most exceptional display properties demonstrate flawless fit and finish. Our team delivers museum-quality properties that remain durable through the busiest show schedule.  

Custom Fabrication 

Some of our most innovative productions include blending fabricated components with modular exhibits. This approach ensures clients quickly stand out on crowded show floors.

Modular and portable programs allow for impactful solutions that are logistically and financially accessible to the most discerning clients.  

Modular & Portable

Display Fabrication 

Generate interest and impact with high-quality graphics produced by professionals who elevate graphic production to an art form.  

Graphic Production 

Our I&D crew is made up of detail-oriented professionals with years of experience at shows domestically and abroad. Three decades of experience enables our team to anticipate local rules and customs long before your assets leave our warehouse.  

Installation & Dismantle 

Affordable space in a convenient location keeps your exhibit components safely inventoried and easy to access. Located in Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay Region, shipments conveniently travel via highway and air.

Warehousing Services 

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